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Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP serves the trade, transportation, and insurance communities. Trade and cargo create issues for importers/exporters, transportation companies, insurers, and government agencies. Services to address those issues include:

  • » U.S. Customs and Border Protection and compliance with administrative regulations, such as those of the Department of Transportation, Federal Maritime Commission, Food and Drug Administration, and many others;
  • » Cargo claims in all transportation modes: air, ocean, motor truck, and rail;
  • » Business entity formation, licensing, and best practices in trade and transportation;
  • » Comprehensive risk management for logistics providers;
  • » Insurance coverage analysis - marine, inland marine, and errors-and-omissions; and
  • » Litigation and expert consulting, case review, and management.

FIATA – January 2010 - the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association admitted Cameron Roberts of Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP as a member to the Advisory Body Legal Matters (view membership document). The ABLM keeps the committees representing freight forwarders advised of legal developments around the world.”

As transportation executives, litigators, consultants, and licensed U.S. Customs brokers with a combined experience of more than twenty-five years in trade and transportation, Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP offers a comprehensive approach to issue resolution.

Map of Global Coordinating Council/Surveyors: Trade and cargo can create issues anywhere in the world. In conjunction with trade and professional associations, Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP have ongoing relationships and coordinate with local counsel and surveyors to investigate and settle claims, mitigate penalties, provide expert advice and litigate, when necessary. Please contact us for further information:

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