C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism:
What is C-TPAT?

Roberts &Kehagiaras offers C-TPAT consulting for new applications, on-going compliance and revalidation. In 2006, Customs revised the application and validation process. Security guidelines are becoming increasingly complex. Customs has established minimum security criteria that can be difficult to understand, implement and explain to business partners. Customs has established a validation process to confirm that the applicant is following the security guidelines established in the application. In-house training and implementation is essential to a successful validation. With ten years of professional training and educational experience, R&K will help you implement C-TPAT.

C-TPAT Process

The general process should proceed as follows:
A.General meeting to determine the company objectives;
B.Review of current company background, operating procedures, workflow;
C.Review of office and overseas network;
D.Identifying areas of concern;
E.Review of the CTPAT program requirements;
F.Presentation of our services, and
G.Determination of scope of work.

Silver Consultation <96> Review of program elements and consultation on company procedures and policies. Aeronet prepares documents based on the C-TPAT guidelines. We will review and advise the client representative.

Gold Consultation and Document Preparation <96> All of the Silver Consultation Services plus:
a.Prepare company background and application documents from information supplied by Aeronet;
b.Interaction with assigned personnel and assistance in review of company procedures;
c.In-house training.

Platinum Consultation <96> The Complete Program
a.Services described above;
1.Assistance in developing company policies and procedures;
2.Training staff in CTPAT;
3.Review of branch offices, and
4.Review of one selected foreign agent offices or overseas branch offices.

RISK MANAGEMENT : Transporting high value loads requires minimum security measures. Is you company adhering to any <93>Best Practices<94> to avoid loss, damage or delay? Contact Roberts &Kehagiaras concerning security audits and creation of best practices.

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